Spicy Cold Brew Mexican Martini

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This is the second recipe in a series highlighting how to pair hot sauce and cold brew.

We want this cocktail front and center at every happy hour and dinner. And brunch because it is that good. Make a cinnamon simple syrup, and add a little Burns and McCoy Exhorresco to dial up the spice.  cold brew concentrate delivers a deliciously smooth coffee punch that pairs so well with the full mouth heat of the hot sauce.

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Servings: 1 serving


  • Spicy Cinnamon Syrup

    • 1/2 c water

    • 1/2 c sugar

    • 1 cinnamon stick

    • 1/4 tsp Burns and McCoy Exhoressco


Spicy Cinnamon Syrup

Combine water,sugar, and cinnamon stick in a pot over medium heat. Turn off heat once sugar is dissolved. Let syrup cool. Remove cinnamon stick and add Exhorresco. Store unused syrup in fridge.



  • Martini

    • 1 egg white

    • 1 oz cold brew concentrate

    • 1 oz cold brew liqueur (see a previous recipe on our site)

    • 1 oz tequila

    • 1/4 oz spicy cinnamon syrup

    • ice

    • garnish: chocolate bitters (optional)




Place egg white in a dry cocktail shaker, and shake until frothy (about 30 seconds). Add the remaining ingredients and ice to the shaker, and shake another 30 seconds. Pour into glass and garnish with chocolate bitters.

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