The 10K Distance 8-Pack *FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED*

The 10K Distance 8-Pack *FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED*

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Enjoy running 5K races, but need a bit more heat? Take a look at the 10K Pack! 

A curated 8 pack of our sauces.

Elevate that Breakfast Sandwich to your Breakfast Samich with the Mezcaline!

Put some smokiness into that burrito with our Roasted Habanero.

Feelin some spicy chicken? Check out Exitium, the Pineapple Ginger hot sauce. 

Need some motivation to run, either run towards (or away from) our Exhorresco, made with the 7 Pot Primo pepper. 

Also includes the 5k distance pack with the Verde, Mango Habanero, Sriracha, and our Especia Roja.

Free Shipping and includes a free limited edition Burns & McCoy bag.