Rest and Relaxation Day 4-Pack *FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED*

Rest and Relaxation Day 4-Pack *FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED*

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This 4-Pack is a bit different. 

Sit back and relax with two of our light, breezy, summery hot sauces. 

Our Mango Habanero brings the island vibe to your table. Mango habanero is blended masterfully with only the best ingredients we can source. Sweet, tart, savory and spicy...You'll be dumping this sauce all over your food.

Our Scotch Bonnet hot sauce is one of our favorites. Scotch bonnet, caramelized fennel, and saffron. Need we say more? This is a Bajan sauce done Burns and McCoy style. Sit back on the beach, or by the backyard pool and enjoy this unique sauce. 

No summer is complete without a daily helping of chips and salsa. Enjoy the Hatch Green Chili salsa with that classic tomato flavor, or if one wants something lighter, our Tomatillo Jalapeno salsa, packs a brightness to it that floats you away. Both of these salsas are included in this pack. 

And what kind of people would we be if we didn't send some chips along with these salsas. 

Free Shipping and Includes a free limited edition Burns & McCoy bag.