For the health conscious

Burns and McCoy products are very low sodium compared to many in the market. While developing our products, we noticed that sodium levels within the market, reached levels as high as 120 mg per serving.  

While at competitions and tastings, sodium can open the flavors of the sauce more when tasting on a spoon.  The problem, is that most foods you cook and apply a condiment to already carry a significant amount of sodium.  We make our sauces to compliment your food, not overpower it.  Our products are made to enhance your food, not be the centerpiece of the plate.   

We also try to get our sweetness for our products from natural sources contained in the vegetables that we incorporate to our sauce.  We do use honey in 2 of our products, and will not overload the product with refined sugars to achieve a sweetness, that we feel falls flat on the tongue. 

We like to think that being label conscious is a great thing for all.  We also know that sodium and sugars can wreck havoc on our health. This is why we have chosen to bring an all natural and gluten-free product to your table.  We also will not use some chemicals that are readily available that are still considered all natural.  While we may suffer in terms of a longer shelf life that others on the market strive for, we want you to be able to enjoy our food without all the added fillers that so many use.