For the Curious (FAQ)

1) What is the difference between Burns and McCoy and other hot sauces?

Flavor! We refuse to over do the salt and vinegar content. We want our sauces to compliment the food you apply our sauces to, not overpower it. When developing our sauces we taste tested next to every major sauce on the market and came to the conclusion that the sodium contents were way too high.  At that point we decided to truly experiment and make sure that our sauces truly were something of a unique quality. We do lose some shelf life because of that, but we would rather sacrifice quantity to provide a quality product. We also will not dilute our product which in turns make the consumer suffer an inferior product. 

2) Where is Burns and McCoy made?

We make our sauces in Fort Collins, Colorado. We utilize as many fresh ingredients that we can from local producers to ensure a fresh product.  We are about an hour drive north of beautiful Denver, Colorado. 

3) Are Burns and McCoy products Gluten-Free?

All of our products that we that we produce are Gluten-Free.  The lone exception is the Black Ale Mustard as we use New Belgium Brewing's 1554 Black Ale in our mustard.